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ActiveCare Services

You know technology infrastructure is the key to your success, but how much time do you have to devote to it? It's time to recognize that your attention needs to be on your mission, not your infrastructure. At ComTech Computer Services, Inc., we provide the technology to ensure your business keeps running so you can focus on your... business!

Data Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Keep your data protected

How Secure is your network?

Where is your data stored and how redundant is it?

Would the loss of physical location wipe you out? Data loss can happen through human error, hardware failure, software issues, power failure, or natural disasters. You don't have the time or expertise to anticipate every crisis, but we do! We offer robust data back-up and disaster recovery solutions so you never have to worry about costly data loss.

Office 365 Services

If you are avoiding getting on the cloud, Microsoft's Office 365 is the right solution for you. Office 365 brings you the benefits of the cloud in the familiar Office environment. We offer complete Office 365
services including installation, training, support and service. You can also choose the solution that works best for you from our Small Business, Midsize or Enterprise Packages.

Implement Office 365 with us today and see the following benefits:


Market conditions today demand every business to be competitive. For SMBs, there are all the more reason to be so - you have tight budgets and tighter timelines. in such cases, doesn't it make more sense to invest your resources in areas that matter the most? Then why not start doing that today with Virtualization of your servers?

Virtualization offers a great way to save on your rising IT costs by ensuring that you only pay for what you use. Virtualization offers you reliable, secure, and efficient storage solutions at lower costs. Why invest in heavy duty servers when you will only use a part of them?

Scales and Gavel

Specializing in IT Service & Support
for Law Firms and Accountants

ComTech has specialized in customized IT service and support for law and accounting firms in Dallas, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Whether your office handles 10 cases or 100,000- information, communication, and billing are all time-consuming tasks.

ComTech can help streamline these processes, help you reap the benefits of up-to-date technologies, Customize the latest computer solutions to meet your firm's unique needs, and increase your efficiency and productivity through better IT solutions.


 100% Guarantee

Best-in-Class IT Services at Affordable Prices

You know IT plays a key role in your success. We offer affordable, best-in-class IT services and solutions to help you manage your IT infrastructure- so you can focus on your business while we work on setting up a robust support system for all your IT needs.


Network Assesment


100% Free! NO obligation. NO commitment. Why? You shouldn’t have to spend money for us to prove we can do a better job at supporting your business technology than your current IT provider.

(Note: must have 5+ computers to be eligible for free support visit)


“The behind the scene tasks that are handled by the ActiveCare™ service are too numerous to mention, but we are thrilled with every aspect of the service. We can now go about the manner of running our business while knowing that every element of our network is being monitored proactively and solutions are put in place before potential problems arise.
From a financial standpoint, we are pleased with the return on our dollars invested with ActiveCare™.
Having our client’s confidential data backed up securely at our location as well as encrypted and stored off site is a service that we determined we could not afford to bypass. Knowing that our network
procedures are in compliance with state and federal regulations and our data is securely stored provides us the confidence to know that we are meeting our fiduciary responsibilities with regard to the data that has been entrusted to us.”

Terri Morris
Linzy and Thigpen, Attorneys at Law
http://www.linzythigpen.comRead More Testimonials


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